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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Repair SPC Flooring

Repairing vinyl click flooring is a simple DIY task that you can easily do at home. By following these steps, you can fix minor damage with a vinyl floor repair kit or replace a damaged plank with a new one. With proper care and maintenance, your vinyl click flooring can last for many years.

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MGO wood floor makes a house home

Home is a place where you may sleep anywhere you want.
Home is where kids can draw on the wall and play on the floor.
Home needs sunshine and smile.
Home also gathers music and dance. How does MGO wood floor protect your home warm?

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Industrial Analysis

Who pays the cost for carbon neutral?

More than 20 enterprises in Taizhou chemical industry areas are required to produce 24hours only in a week. Iron&Steel plants in the city of Nantong and Changzhou are shutting down as per government requires.

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5 Reasons to Choose New White Skirting

NO.1 Able to hold more cables.
NO.2 White color suits most floor designs.
NO.3 Smooth and shining finish make it easy to clean.
NO.4 Easier Installation and replacement.
NO.5 More cost-effective and SPC skirting.

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PVC2201 Price Broke through CNY 10000/TON

8th, Sep is sure to be a special day for all the PVC floor and PVC-related factories, when PVC2201 price passed CNY 10000/ton. It is a more than 7% increase than last week which was CNY 9400/ton. ”This is taken as a great threat to the Q4 PVC flooring exporting. Under such situation, SPC floor factories have to add minimum 0.3usd/sqm as the result.” Vice president of YUHE Floor claimed.

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Industrial Analysis


1.PVC Price keeps rising.
2.New click system Vilox, making installation much easier.
3.I4F joins hands with Hymmen Germany in Digital printing Technology.
4.YUHE Floor launches 1890mm EIR SPC Collection

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How we provide SPC Flooring inspection report before shipment

There is a lot to consider when first placing an order to a new supplier. You’re not sure if the quality is the same as the supplier promised. Actually, it’s quite easy to verify the quality of SPC flooring.

Generally speaking, we can divide the inspection into three parts, appearance, dimensional stability, and physical properties.

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