Approach Outdoor decking, Solid Vs Hollow Decking

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Nowadays, consumers pay more attention to practicality, appearance, and cost. WPC composite decking, is a kind of decorative & durable outdoor flooring, which is widely installed in most commercial & residential places like parks, and gardens. There are many sizes, formats, or colors of decking boards for options, but most clients, they would find two main types of them: Solid & Hollow Decking

Hollow Decking 140*25mm & Solid Decking 140*25mm

Today I’d like to state my opinion when we work with the importers:

Firstly, the cost of decking itself:

For example, our common size: 140*25mm (width * thickness), the unit price of hollow decking per meter will be cheaper 50-60% than the solid one, solid will be used more raw material (HDPE & Wood Power). In the current competitive market, cost-effective products will be accepted by local market.

Secondly, delivery cost:

Transportation always plays a vital role, whether for international or domestic markets. Solid decking is definitely heavier than hollow items based on the same volume. The importers need to consider the ocean freight charge and inland transport, the hollow decking will help you save the delivery amount, especially in the recent rush season.

Thirdly, their character:

For Solid decking, it can be applied for most commercial places like heavy traffic areas due to its durability, for some special place if you want to install decking over the ground (the overhead is quite high), it is a better choice. And its lifetime will be longer. For the performance of water resistance, which can block the water flow into it.

For Hollow decking, with less weight, but still incredibly strong for most light commercial and residential it’s easy for water to flow and evaporate. And the behavior if becoming hot under the sun, the decking with hollow will cool faster, because the orifices are easier to dissipate heat, and make air circulation smoothly

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