A lighter E-WPC flooring, a light lifestyle.


Light, Flexibility, Best foot comfort

Two layers of SPC strength cores and one layer of WPC foaming board co-extrusion together once. Through special processes, E-WPC is tough, flat, and elastic, with high surface impact strength and excellent stability and flexibility. It’s much stronger than general WPC flooring, and compare with ordinary SPC flooring, the weight of E-WPC is half lighter.

Considering the loading rate per 20GP, E-WPC flooring can load 35% more than SPC with the same thickness.

Commercial Series E-WPC FLOORING

Light, Flexibility, Best foot comfort

E-WPC flexible co-extrusion floor is made of WPC foam board and high-strength SPC board core, three layers in one.

The greatest flexibility in current vinyl flooring series. We also call it LSPC(light core SPC). SEE FLEXIBILITY HERE


Our products are produced in strict accordance with international standards and follow the principle of harmless to human body

VOC Emission

 Follow test standard method Versioin 1.2 – California Specification 01350

Test Result: PASS

Dimension Stability

Follow test standard method ISO 23999 & ASTM F3261 Standard Specification for Resilient.

Test Result: 0.02%, PASS


 Follow test standard method Versioin 1.2 – California Specification 01350

Test Result: <1.0 ppm, PASS

This material meets the CPSIA Guidelines as specified.

Heavy Metal

 Follow test standard method EPA SW 846, Method 3052 Heavy Metal Content Analysis

Test Result: <0.25 ppm, PASS

Why Choose Commercial Flooring From YH Floors?

We are the best manufacturer of commercial flooring, powered by intelligent business operations, state-of-the-art technology, and an exceptional workforce. Our expertise lies in our innovative designs and our strong capabilities in working with you and your ideas — achieving your flooring dream together.

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Professional Craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on our phenomenal development and production teams that ensure every job is completed to the high standard we have become renowned for.

Competitive Price. We keep the best competitive price for our customers by maintaining an excellent cooperative relationship with raw material suppliers to get big discounts for every customer order, giving us an edge over our competitors.

Satisfaction Guarantee. We focus on our values, clear and concise communication to see that your needs are entirely met and fulfilled. Our unparalleled products and services are done with your greatest interests in mind before everything else.  


Whatever your specific requirements are, we will deliver. Our minimum order quantity is low so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fast Delivery

We have plenty of production lines to guarantee your delivery time.

Lower Prices

Upon the big discount on raw materials and lean management system,  we offer low factory prices. 


The Experienced engineering team dedicates to improving quality and performance as well as providing the best flooring solution.

Customer Service

YH FLOORS team is always available to answer you, listen to you, and understand you with detailed solutions.


We want nothing more than to make sure you get your money’s worth. That’s why we offer a warranty on all our flooring.

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