Steel Raised Access Floor Panel

Long using life, excellent waterproof and fireproof performance.

The panel is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet. The bottom sheet is used ST14 stretched steel. Which are punched, spot-welded, coated with epoxy powder after being phosphoreted and infilled with the foamed cement. The finish covered the HPL, PVC, or other material.

This panel’s features include  high capacity, easy installation, and elegant appearance.

Anti-Static Raised Floor

Anti-static flooring is a general term for all flooring with anti-static function (including conductive function and static dissipative function).

Because the coverings mainly realize the anti-static function on the raised floor, we can use different materials for the raised floor itself. Different floors can be covered with anti static coverings, including steel raised floor, calcium sulphate panel, aluminum raised floor, perforated panels, which can be widely used in data centers, computer rooms, control centers, etc.


Calcium Sulphate Floor System

Convenient installation, easy to maintain all kinds of pipelines

This Product is widely applied to intelligent 5A office buildings, integrated offices ect, it has solved wiring requirements, especially high intensity and high height of the building, at the same time for the upgrade of old building, ground engineering, using high-density calcium sulphate or other materials, the floor panel is made of high-quality top and bottom galvanized steel encasement.

Perforated Raiesd Panel Series

The surface can be covered HPL or PVC. The airflow rate is 20%-65%

Perforated panel is used under airflow system, the material is steel with electrostatic spraying or aluminum.

The perforated panel performs much more efficiency on air control in computer rooms. And the ventilation rate can be adjusted arbitrarily from 0% to 65%. The perforated panels can match with antistatic raised floor panels or separately use.

Why Choose Raised Access Floor System From YH Floors?

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YH FLOORS company is high tech and innovative raised access floor system manufacturer with over 22 years of experience in China.

We continually propose new false floor systems which are particularly efficient, smart, and sustainable.

We manufacture different raised access flooring systems which are suitable fit for all project types.

You’ll gain YH FLOORS company’s whole team support and service as your dependable partner. 


Whatever your specific requirements are, we will deliver. Our minimum order quantity is low so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fast Delivery

We have plenty of production lines to guarantee your delivery time.

Lower Prices

Upon the big discount on raw materials and lean management,  we offer low factory rates. 


The Experienced engineering team dedicates to improving quality and performance as well as providing the best flooring solution.

Customer Service

YH FLOORS team is always available to answer you, listen to you, and understand you with detailed solutions.


We want nothing more than to make sure you get your money’s worth. That’s why we offer a warranty on all our flooring.

Our Advantages

  • YH FLOORS company is a high tech and innovative false floor manufacturer with over 22 years of experience constructing particularly efficient, smart, and sustainable flooring solutions. 
  • A raised floor from YH FLOORS allows for greater design flexibility, dependable construction, workspace reconfiguration and rapid repairs.
  • We manufacture both standard access floor and low profile access floor.
  • We produce different height raised floor with cable & wiring, airflow, as well as pipes & plumbing management.
  • Our low profile floor can be depreciated and reused.
  • We have full-automated production lines to ensure higher production efficiency.
  • We have an independent testing laboratory with appropriate testing instruments and equipment.
  • Testing and calibration are performed in compliance with different standards and requirements.

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