MGO wood floor makes a house home

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Home is a place where you may sleep anywhere you want.

Home is where kids can draw on the wall and play on the floor.

Home needs sunshine and smile.

Home gathers music and dance.

A baby is crawling on the MGO wood floor


What if your floor is felt cold when you lie on it?

What if your floor is not totally waterproof and anti-scratch, will you free your kids to play ?

Could you bear the floor gaps by the window simply because you want more sunshine?

But wooden floor fails you on waterproof; Laminate floor fails on formaldehyde; SPC floor fails you on stability. Is there a floor that brings a perfect home?

Yes, there is. MGO wood floor is born to meet all the needs for a perfect home.

baby Standing on the MGO WOOD FLOOR

What is MGO?

MGO is magnesium oxide. It is a new material for flooring, but actually, it has been used as furniture, wallboard, ceilings, doors, and other interior material due to its great performance on fireproof Class A and VOC free.

What is MGO Wood Floor?

Our MGO Wood Floor is made of wood fiber and MGO material.

MGO makes it 100% waterproof and Class A fireproof.

While Wood fiber brings wood feeling and great step comforts.

MGO Wood floor density is as high as 1300kg/m3, making it very stable under direct sunshine and high or low temperature. There will be no concern about expansion or shrinkage. As far as the top layer, we use melamine paper. It is feeling like warm and comfortable as a wooden floor, and super anti-scratch.

With the MGO Wood floor, you will enjoy sitting and lying on the floor with a lovely family. All the problems you have met before will show up again.

For more data on the MGO Wood floor, please feel free to email to us. We will be happy to introduce more!

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