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As the largest anti-static vinyl flooring tiles manufacturer in China, we, YH FLOORS factory has been producing ESD vinyl flooring tiles for over 20 years. Our factory is ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 certified.

We have the following advantages:

Advanced manufacturing

We have the longest-tempering production lines in China to control dimensional stability effectively.

As well as the full-automated production equipment to ensure higher production capacity and efficiency. Our Annul output is around 5 million Sq.m for ESD tiles.

Good-quality raw material

Anti-static PVC flooring tiles from YH FLOORS use superior composition as follows: 100% virgin PVC, calcium carbonates, DOPT plasticizer, Titanium dioxide white paint, carbon fiber, etc. as the raw materials in manufacturing. These materials were mixed and combined under high temperatures and high pressure to give the ESD tiles excellent performance in pliability, flexibility, color difference, dimentional stability, and international testing, as well as flooring installation.

Our PVC content is up to 30%, they’re of 100% virgin material. This high PVC content makes the ESD tiles more flexible.

We use DOTP plasticizer. DOTP is a non-phthalate and environmentally friendly plasticizer. It meets the highest environmental requirements and is not listed among the chemical substances restricted by EU countries. This colorless viscous liquid is used for softening PVC plastics applied in extrusion, calendering, and injection molding in ESD vinyl flooring tiles mass production.

The titanium dioxide white paint added in static control vinyl flooring tiles can increase the degree of whiteness and purity of the white color. So the ESD tiles are great looking which is visually comfortable and attractive.

There’s no DOP and no heavy metal in our ESD tiles. And it’s of low TVOC emission.

Projects for big brand companies

We’re proud to complete vinyl flooring projects for Flex, BOE, Huawei, Foxconn, Samsung, Gree, Mindray, etc. in China.

OEM for global famous brands

YH FLOORS factory has been doing OEM service for several famous brands for years.

R & D Strength

Patents in production process optimization.

We have an independent testing laboratory with appropriate testing instruments and equipment.

Testing and calibration are performed using USA/EU/JAPAN/CHINA standard methods. So we can produce ESD vinyl flooring products in compliance with different standards and the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2021 standards.

Full set of SGS reports

We have TVOC, RoHS, and SGS certificates contributing to good indoor air quality (IAQ)  for durable and sustainable static vinyl flooring tiles.

SGS certificates of anti-static ESD conductive vinyl flooring tiles factory manufacturer producer YH FLOORS in china

SGS certificates of anti-static ESD conductive vinyl flooring tiles factory manufacturer producer YH FLOORS in china

Precise color control and size control

We implement a pretty good color and size management solution.

Varieties of patterns

We can do customized colors and patterns, and ensure they’re only for you.

Written by Judy Du

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