5 Reasons to Choose New White Skirting

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NO.1 Our White skirting is able to hold many more Cables.

Pure white skirting
Traditional SPC skirting

NO.2 White skirting suits for most floor designs and rooms.

NO.3 Smooth & Shining finish makes it easy clean.

High glossy finish White Skirting

NO.4 Easier Installation and Replacement

Step 1:
1.1 Spray silicone on the backside of the black strip.
1.2 Put the strip on the floor and then attach it to the wall firmly.
1.3 Nails can also be used instead of silicone. Be noted that the strip must connect to the floor, otherwise, the skirting will be floating in the air.

Step 2:
2.1 Put the skirting tongue into the strip. When you hear a click sound, the installation job is finished.
2.2 In case there are cables to hide, please put them into the strip first.

NO.5 More Cost-effective than SPC Skirting board

Our pure white skirting cost is lower than SPC or WPC skirting board as it is totally automatically produced, much labor fee is saved. If you are interested in most up-to-date price, just feel free to contact us.

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