Innovative Light Core SPC – LSPC Launched

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Our R&D department has launched a new Light Core SPC Flooring, this new product have been adopted with a new structure and formula, so that its performance of flexibility superior in common SPC and its density is only 1/2 of the SPC flooring.

Such us common 7′′x48′′ plank with total 5mm thickness, the weight of the standard spc flooring is around 2.3KG per piece, but for our light core product, the weight is only 1KG per piece. It will be using-friendly for installer especially the labor cost increasing a lot in recent years.

The more comfortable step feeling will give the consumers better live enhance the quality of life.

And for loading rate of 20GP, LSPC will improve at least 75% than standard SPC. It will help the importers save transit costs in the case of unstable sea freight.


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