6 Key Steps to import SPC Flooring from China

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As international business is getting more and more convenient and easier, many flooring dealers tend to import SPC flooring from China for big order quantities. Here I want to share with you how to get the job done.

NO.1 Check your business certificate.

You need to make sure “Importing building products” is included in your certificate, then you could start next step. If not included, please call local government to apply for importing building products.

NO.2 Find a reliable SPC floor supplier

Google key word ” SPC floor supplier in China” and you will get a list of suppliers and pick up your favorite one. Take following actions:

  • Check out price.
  • Ask for samples to check quality.
  • If samples are ok, make deposit payment.

NO.3 Do SPC flooring quality inspection

This is very important to ensure you get what you expect. You may invite a third-party to do the inspection or require the SPC floor supplier to inspect by themselves. You are able to get connected online via instant chatting app in this process.

NO.4 Find an importing agent

After production is finished, you will need to ask your importing agent to contact with your SPC floor supplier to book space. Accurate consignee and notify party information are also needed.

NO.5 Clearing customs and pay importing SPC floor tax

Importing agent usually will assist you to finish clearing customs and find you a truck to deliver the container to your place. SPC floor tax depends on countries. Some countries don’t charge tax, some charge more than 25%. You may email me to check out your import tax rate in your country.

NO.6 Find a warehouse with a forklift truck

SPC flooring must be put into a dry and clean warehouse. Don’t keep them exposed to sunlight for over 3 days. At the same time, you need a forklift truck to get the SPC floor pallets down from the container. The gross weight of one pallet is around 1.2 tons to 1.4 tons. So your forklift lifting truck’s lifting capacity should be at least 1.5tons. Below are some related which might be helpful to you.

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