What is Wood Veneer SPC floor?

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What is VSPC?

Wood veneer SPC floor is also known as VSPC floor. It has been in the market for 4 years. Just like its name, it is mainly made of real wood veneer and spc core.

Wood veneer SPC floor introduction

Pros of Wood veneer SPC floor

Advantage over SPC floor/LVT floor/Laminate floor

It is the real wood veneer that makes VSPC more natural, authentic, and competitive. It is everyone’s dream to bring nature home, sunshine, fresh air, and forests. Real wood veneer is right cut from trees. The wood grain records its growing story; The growth ring marks its ages; The cracks and knots remind us of the thick and thin that the tree has been through. It will be a fantastic moment if you could tell the story to kids when you lie on the wood veneer floor with them.

Black Walnut – VSPC FLOOR

Advantage over Engineered wood floor and Solid wood floor

Wood veneer SPC floor is much more waterproof. Engineered or solid wood floor as is known to all, is very sensitive to water or moisture. Its deformation can be witnessed within a rainy season. However, wood veneer spc is as waterproof as spc floor, can be widely used in living room, kitchen and even washing room.

Besides, engineered wood will release formaldehyde gradually, which may last 5-8 years. It is highly suggested to let out the formaldehyde first, then move in. For VSPC floor, there will not be such concern, as no formaldehyde can be detected.

Cons of Wood veneer SPC floor

As spc core is rather high density, its underfoot is not as comfortable as engineered floor. To improve this, an acoustic pad is necessary. We suggest 1.5mm IXPE, which improve greatly underfoot and sound insulation.

Also wood veneer spc is very heavy, loading quantity in a 20GP is around 2000sqm. While for engineered floor is about 2600sqm.

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