How does the floor manufacturer load the SPC floor into a container?

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Due to the increasing cost of sea freight, many customers are trying to load more SPC floors into containers. It sounds reasonable but is it workable?

Let’s have a look at an accident in a warehouse, luckily nobody was injured.

Two mistakes we can learn from this accident:

  1. Too many boxes in a pallet. Normally we put 60boxes maximum in a pallet, the weight limit is 1100kg per pallet.
  2. They piled four pallets together, very easy to collapse. 3 pallets in a pile at most, and 2 pallets for the plank with acoustic pad.

How do we do packing for one pallet of spc floor?

The total thickness of one box should be between 40mm to 50mm, the weight limit is 18-20KG. If we put too many planks in a box, the carton will break easily. For example, for 7*48inch 4mm SPC floor, we suggest 12planks in a box, the total thickness of one box is 4*12=48mm. For 4mm plus 1.5mm EVA, SPC floor, we suggest 9 planks in a box. In a pallet, 60-65 boxes is recommended. The weight limit is 11000kg.

Packing of SPC floor

How do we load SPC floor pallets into a container?

First, we will check if the container is clean and tidy.

Secondly, we put two pallets in a pile, load them into the container by a forklift. Then we use airbags to fulfill the space between two piles to prevent inclining.

After all the pallets are loaded and secured, we will seal the container and loading job is done.

When the container arrives at the destination warehouse, download the pallets and 2 pallets in a pile. Be careful, don’t break the wood pallet. If it is broken, please put them on the ground, open the pallet and use a good wood pallet instead.

Warm reminder:

If collapse happens, many spc floor click system and paper box will break. In this case, many new boxes will be very helpful. So we suggest customers to order another 100 pcs of the paper box in each order.

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