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Nowadays, SPC flooring is becoming more and more popular and it is gradually replacing many of the floors we used before, such as LVT CLICK Flooring, and WPC Flooring. Let’s take a look at production process of SPC flooring.

Step One: Mixing and Heating

Put Raw material (PVC resin powder, stone powder, plasticizer, stabilizer, carbon black, etc) together, Using 100% virgin material

Step Two:  Extruding 

Semi-finished plank (rigid core) to settle basic thickness

Step Three: Hot pressing

 Press Wear layer + Decor films (Texture and peeling strength)+ Semi-Finished plank together

Step Four: UV Coating

Make surface resistant & durable for scratch and stain, we have ceramic bead coating, diamond coating and easy cleaning coating (just using water can clean the dirty place made by color pen) for choice

Step Five: Standing time

To make SPC more stable, each process under hot temperature will be standing, following the international EN standard

Step Six: Cutting 

Whole plank (High efficiency & accuracy) into pieces, the size can meet different kinds of requests

Step Seven: Slotting and Grooving

Make click system easy to install, our staff have over 10-years -experienced grooving technique

Step Eight: Inspection & Packaging & Warehousing

Pictures of production equipment
Production Process

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